Members of the Selection Committee:

Members of the Selection Committee:

Akemi Masuda

  • Sports journalist and Osaka University Professor.
  • She was born in Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture in 1964. While attending Narita High School, she continuously established national records in long-distance events.
  • She competed in the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. During the 13 years before her retirement in 1992, she established Japan's best record 12 times. She also left the world's best record, renewed twice.
  • For 10 years beginning in 2001, she served as a committee member of the Central Education Council of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. She is the Director of the National High School Sports Federation, the Councilor of Japan Association of Athletics Federations and the Councilor of the Association for the Sports of the Disabled Pers.

  • ■Column for Selected Criticism
    All the photos that I have seen are likely to attract more and more tourists to Shodoshima, being captivated by the grandeur of its Nature and the “fragrance” of its history. I thought that I knew all the attractive locations of Shodoshima, because of my love for this island, but I discovered that there were so many hidden places of scenic beauty. I took the photos of those spots that were known for their scenery that changed with the seasons and for the transformations in their beauty brought by the passing time.

Chikako Nishiyama

  • In 2000, she joined Takarajima Company. She has been working on “natural fashion” and the”Mook Series for daily lives , such as "Linen" and "Linen Home".
  • In 2010, at the same time she made "Linen" a monthly magazine, she became its Editor-in-Chief.
  • Since March 2014, she has been concurrently serveing as the Editor-in-Chief of “Linen” and the magazine for women in their forties and fifties, “Notebook on Being Fashionable”.

  • ■Column for Selected Criticism
    The landscape of Shodoshima has enabled me to feel the richness of its colors, as well as its simplicity and strength. I was particularly captivated by the contrast between the morning sun and the setting sun, between the sea and the island, precisely because they were unique, as seen from an island in the Seto Inland Sea. I made my selection, focusing on the works featuring contrastive scenes whose expansiveness seemed to be spilling over the frames of the photos.

Kazuhiro Okubo

  • He joined Travel News Co., Ltd. In 1986, Co., Ltd.
  • From 1997 to 1999, he traveled throughout Shikoku as the Advisor for promoting Shikoku Tourism of Shikoku Tourism Promotion Council.
  • In 2001, he became the Representative Director of Travel News Co., Ltd. While introducing the various problems and trends of the tourism industry in “Travel News”, the specialized newspaper in tourism industry, published by the same company, in 2003, he founded “City Planning Tourism Research Institute” that provided advice, etc for the purpose of activating tourism and hot spring resorts. Heserved as its Director. Moreover, focusing his efforts on the promotion of hands-on tourism, he has been participating as the Coordinator of the Symposium in Hands-on Type Tourism of the National Tourism Activation Forum which was sponsored annually by the National Tourism Industry Association. In addition, he served as a member of the Modern Spas Research Steering Committee, the Network Director of the inn, “Communicating with the Setting Sun”, the Representative Caretaker of the Tourist Journalists’ Conference, the Director of the Monogatari (story-telling) Tourist Behavior Society and the President of Rakkyo University where the residents of Fukube Village (present Tottori City), Tottori Prefecture, learn “green tourism” . He is the Advisor of All Travel Co., on “Chitabi”.
  • From 2005 to 2011, he served as a part-time instructor of the Kyoto Tachibana University. Since2015, he has been the Advisor for Shimane Prefecture Tourism Strategies. A native of Osaka-fu, he was born in 1958. He is a resident of Sakai City.

Motohide Jimbo

  • The Kansai Branch President, Kankokeizai shinbunsha (Tourism Economy Newspaper) Co. , Ltd.
  • A native of Osaka City, he was Born in 1971.
  • After graduating from university, he worked in a mid-sized publisher (Tokyo) and a publisher specializing in housing equipment (Osaka City) . Thereafter, he joined the Kansai Branch of Kankokeizai shinbun (Tourism Economy Newspaper) Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Tokyo) in 2001. After having serve as the Deputy Director of the Kansai Branch and the Acting President of the Kansai Branch, he became the President of the Kansai Branch.
  • Based on his work experience, the areas of expertise are tourism-related sub-culture and housing equipment . He was responsible for ten major listed companies, related to housing equipment. He was also in charge of the special editions of the life-style proposal type, the type for market creation and the stimulation of demands, and the type for marketing. Moreover, he was in charge of the special editions of the type with the themes of universal design and ecology.
  • His work related to tourism, was mostly for major corporations and administration. For more than 15 years he was responsible for such work in JR Western Japan, Okinawa Prefecture and Kagoshima Prefecture. He has planned and produced about 20 large-size special editions yearly.
  • In Kobe, he served as the Observer of Kiyomori Promotion Council (2012), the Advisor of Shimonoseki Tourism Exchange Vision 2022, (2012), the Lecturer of the Second Study Group on the Promotion of the Urban Status of Osaka, Osaka City Regeneration Section Meeting (2013), the Secretriat of Kansai IR Symposium (2013).
  • As evident in his “Collection of Case Studies in City Planning”, Kinko District Transport Bureau (2013), “Business that takes pride in inn-keeping in Nara”, Nara Prefecture (2012), etc , he has been entrusted with the business of the national and local government frequently. An Advisor. A native of Osaka, he resides in Sakai City.

Shoji Manabe

  • A native of Kagawa Prefecture, he was born in 1954.
  • In 1973, he joined the Osaka Umeda Branch of JTB Co., Ltd. He has had a 20-year experience in "Corporation Organization sales", mainly in Takamatsu, Hiroshima.
  • He has had a 3-year experience in "the product construction sector" , beginning in 1993.
  • Starting in 2003, he served as the Yonago Branch Manager and the Fukuyama Branch manager, the positions that led to the following positions:
  • 2010- The Executive Officer, the Takamatsu Branch Manager, the Shikoku Sales manager (concurrently).
  • 2013- The Director of Shikoku Tourism creation Organization - Director
  • 2014- The Head of the Business Promotion Section, Shikoku Tourism Creation Organization.
Photo Contest is being held at 24 locations in Shodoshima!!
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About Application
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In addition, the right of winning, the right to receive gifts are not negotiable in others. Similarly, you cannot resell it. If you could not receive gifts by changing address, or by absent, there was a possibility that winning would be invalid.
If we could not deliver gifts to you because of any deficiencies in your address that you entered at the time of winning, or by the contact could not be taken, winning would be invalid. In addition, the right of winning, the right to receive gifts are not negotiable in others.
Similarly, you cannot resell it. If you could not receive gifts by changing address, or by absent, there was a possibility that winning would be invalid.
Prohibited Matters:
You only can use photos that you have all rights to the application, and following acts are prohibited.
If you violated these below, we would not take any responsibility.
  • Act of posting photos prejudice the rights of others, such as copyright, or violate the privacy of others.
  • Posting photos, including expression that hurt the honor of others, discriminatory representation, representation inspire a sense of aversion to others, and expressions that is offensive to public order and morals.
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    The person who posted the photo is responsible to resolve the dispute.
    Even if the damage occurs to you with that, we do not take any responsibility.
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